Valentine’s Day

Why #LoveThrowback2 is a Must-See Concert 

#LoveThrowback2 gathers six OPM hitmakers on Valentine’s Day Talk about once-in-a-lifetime, #LoveThrowback2 lives up to that as it brings together six OPM hitmakers for the first time in one concert. Slated on February 14 (Tuesday), 8:30 PM, at the PICC Plenary Hall, #LoveThrowback2 which features Christian Bautista, Ariel Rivera, Joey G., Jinky Vidal, Nina and Hajji Alejandro does not only go…

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#LoveThrowback2: Fall in Love the OPM Way This Valentine’s Day

The Best of OPM in #LoveThrowback2 at the PICC Lovers will swoon this Valentine’s Day with serenades from some of the country’s top OPM singers. Listen to some of the best OPM love songs in a concert headlined by no less than six hitmakers at the PICC Plenary Hall on February 14, 8:30 PM. Dubbed as #LoveThrowback2, the show brings…

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Mother’s Day: Funny Movie About the Most Important Job in the World

The first word most babies learn to say is “mama”, the relationship between mother and child is one of the most precious in the world. Through the years, though, mom begins to blend into the background as other aspects of life start to intrude. This is why it is important to celebrate Mother’s Day every…

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