Matteo Guidicelli

Matteo Guidicelli Releases Hot Music Video for ‘Wag Ka Nang Umuwi’

Hot and intense Singer-actor Matteo Guidicelli rolled out a hot new music video for the song “Wag Ka Nang Umuwi.” According to Guidicelli, the inspiration behind “Wag Ka Nang Umuwi” is very simple. He remarked, “You and I sitting at home, just wanting to stay a little longer with you before you leave. You and I against…

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Matteo Guidicelli Gears Up For His Concert ‘Hey Matteo’ in November

Oozing with talent, charisma and dashing personality, Matteo Guidicelli is always a stand-out in any field that he puts himself into. Over a decade in the entertainment industry, Matteo has become one of the most established actors of his generation. He continues to prove that his talents go beyond acting and sports as he shares more…

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