Why #LoveThrowback2 is a Must-See Concert 

#LoveThrowback2 gathers six OPM hitmakers on Valentine’s Day Talk about once-in-a-lifetime, #LoveThrowback2 lives up to that as it brings together six OPM hitmakers for the first time in one concert. Slated on February 14 (Tuesday), 8:30 PM, at the PICC Plenary Hall, #LoveThrowback2 which features Christian Bautista, Ariel Rivera, Joey G., Jinky Vidal, Nina and Hajji Alejandro does not only go…

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The Best of OPM in #LoveThrowback at the PICC

Let’s turn back the clock and listen to some of the best OPM love songs in a concert headlined by no less than eight hitmakers at the PICC Plenary Hall on February 13, 8:30 PM. Dubbed as #LoveThrowback, the show brings together Rico Puno, Marco Sison, Raymond Lauchengco, Gino Padilla, Chad Borja, Wency Cornejo, Roselle Nava…

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