Kendrick Lamar

Album Review: From Abel to ‘Starboy’

Still truthful, still honest, still dark in ways By Daryl Lim I came across The Weeknd in 2011 as a recommendation from a good friend based in Toronto. Initially, I had my reservations, considering my taste in R&B was more into neo-soul, very soulful, laidback, jazzy. When I gave The Weeknd’s first mixtape, the legendary…

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How to Gloc-9 It: The Ace Rapper on Political and Social Stereotypes, Art and Musical Legacy

Challenging the status quo and making a successful living as an artist has never been easy but Aristotle Pollisco better known as Gloc-9 will be, for many of us, a truly deserving game-changer. “Kung ano man yung kaya kong gawin as an artist and as a rapper, lagi kong sinasabi na hindi ko magagawa lahat…

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