Dash Calzado

Forever True, Forever Asiatik: Mastaplann Comes Home

By Daryl Lim Photos by Reggie Krush When artists hit legendary status, people think they turn into divas that want to go about their own business. That’s widely accepted, but not completely taken. On the other hand, there are artists who hit that status, but become more accessible to their fans, working even harder and showing…

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Meet sKarm, The Mad Genius Who Wants to Create and Master His Craft

“Try to reach out to people, you’ll never know what opportunities arise from reaching out to people,” says sKarm. Philip Pacheco doesn’t look like the stereotypical rap artist. No tilted hats, no gaudy jewelry, not the type to wear flashy sneakers. In other words, sKarm lets his work speak for himself. Lyrically always on point,…

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