Quiet Storm No More: Urban Jam 2016

By Daryl Lim I grew up a fan of Mobb Deep. I had tapes of The Infamous and Hell on Earth, and I had to hide those from my mom, seeing as that they had what young rap fans dreaded back in the days of tapes and CDs; the Parental Advisory sticker. Still, I listened…

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Urban Jam: Pushing Hip-Hop to the Forefront

By Daryl Lim Celebrating the hip-hop culture in the Philippines Hip-Hop in the Philippines has always been supported by a lot of people. From the days of Francis M, Masta Plann, and 7 Shots, we now have newer artists like sKarm, Curtismith, BLKD, and Batas. Our country has not only been a hotbed for talented…

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Meet sKarm, The Mad Genius Who Wants to Create and Master His Craft

“Try to reach out to people, you’ll never know what opportunities arise from reaching out to people,” says sKarm. Philip Pacheco doesn’t look like the stereotypical rap artist. No tilted hats, no gaudy jewelry, not the type to wear flashy sneakers. In other words, sKarm lets his work speak for himself. Lyrically always on point,…

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